My Desire to be an Educator

Growing up, I was not one of those children who knew right away that they wanted to be a teacher. I loved school and was blessed with wonderful teachers throughout my academic career, and even preferred staying inside during recess to help my teachers, but my future plans were very different and changed frequently. My childhood dreams varied from veterinarian to pediatrician, lawyer to Christie Brinkley. When I was approaching graduation from college, that was when my light bulb went off and screamed at me that I needed to be a teacher.

Throughout all my years of school, one thing remained constant. I truly had a passion for learning. I was always eager to learn and try new things. Part of my problem when I went away to college, was I did not have any clue what to focus on. I had so many interests, I could not pick just one, so I tried several. I bounced around from major to major until, I decided to take a break from school and get married. When I returned to school some years later, my love for learning still remained, just as strong as on my first day of kindergarten. I then decided that Education was the only right choice for me. It is the one path that allows me to constantly continue to learn new things and to be able to share that love of learning with others. It also allows me to be able to help others and make a difference in the world that actually means something.

Deciding to become an educator did not stem from a childhood dream. It stems from being blessed with remarkable teachers throughout my academic career and from the years I have spent soul searching in college and in the professional world. It turns out that becoming an educator was not only the best choice for my future, but it was the only one where I would be happy and proud of myself and who I have become.

-Wendy Foote

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